About Us

Ryan Frederic
Board Chairman

Ryan has been involved with the company since its founding and currently provides advisory and oversight services for finance and business operations to Wendy, Mark and the rest of the Water Management leadership team.    

Wendy has numerous years of experience operating her own small business as well as managing other small businesses. Currently she owns MW Equine, LLC which offers a full line of specialty reproduction services, breeding and sport horse sales, as well as premier recipient mares and relief veterinary technician services.  With MW Equine, Wendy is responsible for daily operations, customer service, customer accounts, advertising, and media relations.  These duties help her manage the office of Water Management Solutions Inc.  She is responsible for the marketing and advertising campaigns as well as the accounts payable and receivable for WMS.

Like Mark, Wendy was raised with blue-collar values and knows the meaning of hard work. Whether she is in the office or helping with deliveries, she demonstrates "going the extra mile" for our customers. She strives to make sure WMS will help find the best solution for your water management needs.

​​​​Water Management Solutions, Inc.

Wendy Eldridge-Panuska
Chief Executive Officer

M.S. Biomedical Science at Colorado State University 2004
B.S. Animal Science at Virginia Tech 2001

For more than ten years Mark has worked in Water Resources Management, starting as a Co-op with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He developed from an entry level technician, where he collected groundwater measurements and samples, to a project and account manager. In Bloomfield, Colorado, Mark was the Field Environmental Control Officer for the Northwest Parkway Project. He handled all aspects of the projects environmental compliance, including field compliance with storm water, endangered species, and water shed restoration projects, as well as hazardous material remediation and management. Mark consistently met with regulatory and other consulting personnel to ensure the project moved forward without unnecessary delay. His experience also includes acting as Project Manager for groundwater and soil remediation projects in Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, and Florida.

 In 2005, Mark moved full-time into water management as a filtration specialist. He quickly progressed into the roles of project manager and sales representative. He has hands-on experience in well point dewatering, sediment and sludge dewatering, temporary sewer bypass, creek and river bypass, temporary industrial water systems, groundwater remediation systems, as well as sediment and erosion control management. He has made a reputation as a service provider that brings expertise and creative problem solving into every project. Mark treats every customer's water management problem as his problem. Even if he does not have the answer, he knows how to direct the customer on the right path to a better solution.​

Northwest Parkway Certificate of recognition in a Quality Control Organization
PowerPrime Pumps recognition for MOST pumps sold, eastern states 2007

Mark Panuska
Chief Operations Officer

B.S Environmental Science at Virginia Tech 2000
-Minor Chemistry
B.S. Wildlife Management at Virginia Tech 2000
-Minor Biology